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Alright, y’all!  Abigail Spencer's last new Diamond Gothic chapter (before we three authoresses go on a short summer hiatus), Part 15, goes live tomorrow on HelloGiggles!

So.  Why DIDN’T Teddy Wentworth show up to the party? Does it have anything to do with Eve– or avoiding Annabell?  Maybe.  Or… maybe not? And what ABOUT our Miss Annabell… and the many forks in her road?

A definite, fateful new direction IS set in this chapter for our beautiful anti-heroine/heroine, Miss Annabell Jones Mason Hayworth… 

"Flapper Romance"

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"It is NEVER too late to be what you might have been."

George Eliot 


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" …but I do know that this house has rules– and it surely will bring down the guillotine if they ain’t followed.”

Our sexy second authoress, JC, is nothing if not adorable, funny… and eclectic!

1.)  Once had to physically bite her tongue during a break-up.

2.)  Loves to say “lady bug.”  (Who doesn’t, right?!)

3.)  Loves fairytales, and can sing the entire soundtrack of “The Little Mermaid.”

4.)  Got lasik surgery… but still needs her glasses.

5.)  Has never worn braces, nor (to the best of her knowledge) broken a bone.

6.)  Is addicted to blogging.  Is addicted to fashion.  Is, unsurprisingly, addicted to fashion blogs.

7.)  Loves talking to people (even if they don’t love talking to her).

8.)  Opts for country music when breaking up with a boy.  (Again… who doesn’t?)

9.)  Loves the feel of a paperback book, appreciates adjectives and relishes a well-thought-out joke.

10.) Hadn’t actually met Bethany Joy or Abigail in person until several months AFTER beginning Diamond Gothic.  ”It was a ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ of sorts… except for pretty authoresses.”   ;)

Check out JC’s Part 14 of Diamond Gothic (her last new installment before going on summer hiatus!), posting live on HelloGiggles on Sunday, June 10th!

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“ ‘What is so important is that I’ve just had a visit from Theodore Wentworth with some bothersome news.’ ”


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"Being defeated is often only a temporary condition.  Giving up is what makes it permanent."   -  Marilyn vos Savant

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A raise of hands…

How many of you saw that coming— that twist ending of Part 13?

So… what do you think of Eve, now?

If you haven’t read it yet, Bethany Joy's newest chapter went live on HelloGiggles today- click here to read it!

"Contemplation" by Esther Bayer

So while we’re waiting for our regretfully-delayed Part 13 (sigh… sorry again about that, everyone), want something to ponder?

Another clue linking Eve to the deepening mystery of the Masons (and her reason for being here at the mansion now) can be found back in Part 4.  Look carefully… any guesses?  ;)

SO sorry, everyone!  Long story short…  We’ll have to wait for DG’s new Part 13 (maybe it really IS a jinxed number) on HelloGiggles.  Should post on Tuesday, June 5th— we’ll definitely let you know!  

Our sincere apologies to everyone!

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