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Alright, y’all!  Abigail Spencer's last new Diamond Gothic chapter (before we three authoresses go on a short summer hiatus), Part 15, goes live tomorrow on HelloGiggles!

So.  Why DIDN’T Teddy Wentworth show up to the party? Does it have anything to do with Eve– or avoiding Annabell?  Maybe.  Or… maybe not? And what ABOUT our Miss Annabell… and the many forks in her road?

A definite, fateful new direction IS set in this chapter for our beautiful anti-heroine/heroine, Miss Annabell Jones Mason Hayworth… 

"Flapper Romance"

Our sexy second authoress, JC, is nothing if not adorable, funny… and eclectic!

1.)  Once had to physically bite her tongue during a break-up.

2.)  Loves to say “lady bug.”  (Who doesn’t, right?!)

3.)  Loves fairytales, and can sing the entire soundtrack of “The Little Mermaid.”

4.)  Got lasik surgery… but still needs her glasses.

5.)  Has never worn braces, nor (to the best of her knowledge) broken a bone.

6.)  Is addicted to blogging.  Is addicted to fashion.  Is, unsurprisingly, addicted to fashion blogs.

7.)  Loves talking to people (even if they don’t love talking to her).

8.)  Opts for country music when breaking up with a boy.  (Again… who doesn’t?)

9.)  Loves the feel of a paperback book, appreciates adjectives and relishes a well-thought-out joke.

10.) Hadn’t actually met Bethany Joy or Abigail in person until several months AFTER beginning Diamond Gothic.  ”It was a ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ of sorts… except for pretty authoresses.”   ;)

Check out JC’s Part 14 of Diamond Gothic (her last new installment before going on summer hiatus!), posting live on HelloGiggles on Sunday, June 10th!

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"And then, she found it.  The nothingness…. and it was getting closer.  A chill shot up her spine."

– From Bethany Joy Lenz's Part 10 of Diamond Gothic

"Diamond Gothic Sunday" tomorrow at HelloGiggles!

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*Spoiler Alert*

So, what happened to those dead coyotes?  

*We* certainly haven’t forgotten about them…  

"Georgia" by Sally Mann

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"Eve was going to have get smart.  Not just loud.  Annabell did not realize what kind of redhead she was dealing with–– and Annabell didn’t realize she was dealing with one."

–– Diamond Gothic, Part 9

Abigail Spencer's Part VIII of Diamond Gothic goes live on Sunday, May 6th!  The drama continues…


May 3
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*Spoiler Alert*

What We Know (Thus Far) About Annabell

1.)  She’s a normal 18-and-a-half-year-old teenager (with all the normal ups & downs that come with the age and being a girl), with the added (dis)advantages of great wealth, beauty, fashion, social status… and… a terrible secret she’s been keeping silent on since she was an 8-year-old child.  (See DG’s Part 7.)

2.)  She has a crush on Teddy Wentworth… and used to have one on his older brother, Jason.  (See DG’s Part 3 & 4.)

3.)  Somehow, the threat she makes on her pesky kid-brother (about the coyotes in DG’s Part 2), lands on her doorstep and at her brother’s feet.  (See DG’s Part 5.)  

4.)  It seems like she actually has *some* affection for her ginger-haired brother (see DG’s Part 6), even though he’s a devil who makes her life EVER-so-challenging…  

5.)  She loves her dad (see DG’s Part 3), but clearly struggles with his alcoholism & secrecy (DG’s Part 8).

6.)  She defers to her mother, and bows to her mother’s will, at least as much as she loves and/or challenges her.  (See DG’s Part 7 & 8.)  

7.)  She has some serious issue with dear ol’, siren-haired cousin Eve Harling.  (DG’s Part 7 & 8.)

8.)  She somehow ends up as a Mrs. Hayworth… with a bullet in her belly.  (DG’s Part 1.)

What else have *you* spotted & summed up?  

Tweet/msg us back with your observations & thoughts!

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"It may be all the rage in New York, but here in the South, we conduct ourselves like ladies.  No Jones girl will be seen from the back and wondered about if she’s a boy!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Dorothy Jones Mason to Annabell regarding the Shingle bob haircut that was all the rage in 1929  (Diamond Gothic, Part VII)


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Answer: Tire Swing!

Bravo to @CharisseCae, @yems28, @hiddenjewel, @mAu0103, @turningoverwill, @EverlyFansX !

Photo by Belle & Bear

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"…. It was as if the world had marked itself an enemy to her on the day she had become a woman."

- Diamond Gothic, Part II

Photo Credit (1920s’ long hair en vogue!):

Ladies and gents, the very pretty & witty JC Coccoli is next up to bat with Diamond Gothic's Part 2!  

Sunday, March 18th on HelloGiggles!


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