This question has been asked of us several times recently, so we thought we’d answer it in one single go… WE do!  

This is our project, and our voices!  (We do have a little help with the administration of it– but it’s the three of us driving the entire thing!)  And, very truly, we couldn’t do it without you. So, thanks for being our inspiration and for keeping this project alive… and helping us move it forward!


Bethany Joy Lenz, Abigail Spencer & JC Coccoli

Art Deco Fashion, c. 1929

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What’s that from which I’m drinking my homemade cappuccino? Why, it’s our latest giveaway item… A DIAMOND GOTHIC coffee mug!

Recruit friends to comment on DIAMOND GOTHIC chapters on HelloGiggles! The more of your friends who leave a comment, citing YOUR name as their “recruiter,” the better chance you have of winning!

Only one comment per person, per chapter, please. Multiple entries in the same chapter will not be counted. Additionally, your friends can follow us on twitter and cite your name (and @handle) for better chances of your win! We’ll pick the name we see the most!!!

You have one week. GO!

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